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Stoobz design: colourful & trendy

Stoobz design is a registered trademark of wholesaler & importer Imhof & Stevens.

The leprechaun of Stoobz

The Stoobz gnome flipping the bird is the all-time bestseller. Offline and online. The gold-colored Stoobz gnome is a must for every store or webshop! And what about the orange version, for the bar during King's Day and international competitions. Or opt for the smaller version and combine several colors. Everything is possible! Stoobz supplies the well-known gnome with middle finger in more than ten colors from stock. And in any desired size: 10, 20 or more than 30 cm!

Kabouter groep 1

Stoobz as an eye-catcher

Place this beautiful eye-catcher from Stoobz in your shop window, or make it the bestseller of your webshop. You don't have to put in much effort. This handsome sells himself.
And if you don't want your customer to forget you, include the keychain or beer opener from Stoobz in your range. At hand at every important moment!

Of course, Stoobz offers more images to brighten up your shop! The loyal colored bulldog likes to keep your mischievous leprechaun company. But what can we say, we are simply fans of this F*CK YOU gnome with his slightly recalcitrant traits. Want to know more? View all the possibilities in the B2B webshop.

Finally, we are proud to introduce to you: Gnomy, the self-watering spike from the Dutch brand with a wink! 😉